The Cafe

I have a long term aim to build and open a pay as you find cafe using sustainable practises and permaculture principles wherever possible. I aim to renovate, repair, re-use and recylce whever possible. The cafe will provide healthy fresh food from local sources and have a minmum environmental impact. It will become a space for use by community groups, providing a safe heaven for chat and support, as well as inviting comfortable surroundings for passers by or people in need a bit of a rest and a beverage.

You may well have heard of the Transitions Cafes in various towns and cities of the uk. Such as this Providing training and volunteering opportunities, making use of food destined for landfill and cutting carbons emmisions by the tonne compared with other cafes.

Watch this space and get in touch if you would like to be involved in getting this project up and running. In the mean time I have registered my own kitchen as a food business and Im waiting for the all clear from the council so that I can make/sell/gift/donate from home. I hope you will make a brew right now and sit and share some ideas/suggestions/inspiration in the form of links. Have a chat.