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Foragers spring green soup -ramsons and nettle hearty soup

I like to walk hedgerows and bridal paths nearby and watch them as spring develops. On Sunday (early April) I took a walk in the spring rain to find some spring greens for a soup. One of the best known … Continue reading

Backyard hens

Just over 2 weeks ago we got our first hens, a lohman brown and a hybrid silkie. They had to stay in the run for a few days to get their bearings We decided to keep hens because we want … Continue reading

Creating a pay as you feel cafe

I finally have some updates for this section of the blog! I am excited to share the journey I have been on over the last two weeks with you! It has been crazy and beautiful. It is just the start. … Continue reading

First signs of spring and preparing to celebrate Imbolc

This will be my first conscious celebration of Imbolc. ย  As humans we intuitively follow the cycle of nature, along with our calendars. It is good to take the time to purposefully observe the changes. Im very glad to be … Continue reading

Approaching Midwinter

The light is shortening dramatically now, at 3.30 the daylight is fading and the night is drawing in.


We are almost at Midwinter, already halfway through the darker half of the year.


Around the time of midwinter many celebrate Yule, and or Christmas and the winter solstice

The largest part of the traditions bring a little warmth and cheer in darkness.


Most of out traditions at this time of year are about combating the cold and dark


Reminding ourselves of natures green that stays fresh and lives on seemingly eternal even when all else has diappeared at this time


The decidious trees are stripped bare by harsh biting winds

revealing their core their strength

It’s strange to think that now of all times they have chosen now to be naked and vulnerable

ย we know that they are conserving energy to survive


underneath the frost roots are storing that energy, in the warmer quieter earth buried deep, ready to push forward riotously, providing a stronger than ever foundation


I recently celebrated my birthday my 40th birthday

One of the things I chose to do was plant some trees

Bare rooted trees travel well and can be planted now, ready to miraculously unfirl their leaves in spring. If youve bnever planted a tree that looks little more than a stick at this time of year and waited to see if it really is alive in springtime, then you should do it. Magical.


Little saplings that will grow with the challenge of each winter and celebrate each spring with a lush green and blossoms that will be fertilised by pollinators to provide fruit and nuts in summer.

Slowly return the last of their energy to the earth the nutrients in their falling leaves in the Autumn.

Another gift was a reminder of these pollinators, hand carved into an old upcycled lucky silver sixpence. If we’re lucky we will have lots of these for a long time to come.


I have also been making my own presents to gift


and some upcycling







foraging Blewits

*advice* As you might know I am a novice mushroom forager, and am very thorough (as you have to be; novice or not). Please read through the posts on mushroom foraging and do not take advice from this site on … Continue reading


So this year I had my very first medlars, from 2 medlar trees in the garden. Medlar trees are really very beautiful with a pleasing angular shape to the trees; very pretty leaves just turning a golden yellow aganst almost … Continue reading

Irelands mother and baby homes, 800 dead babies, and us

Occasionally I have made a reference to my mother, my grandmother and there is a bit in my bio, referencing this. I decided to dedicate a blog post to it


The people of Tuam and all of the towns in Ireland where there were Magdalene laundries and mother & baby homes, knew about them.

They loomed large, hidden in plain sight.

A deliberate unspoken threat. The consequence if you didnโ€™t behave as expected.Ireland had a complete system and architecture of containment to do deal with transgressors. The biggest sin or perhaps it might be more accurate to think of it as a crime, was illegitimacy.

In forging a new identity for itself post revolution Ireland heavily promoted and insisted on religious purity, specifically the purity of Irish women. Dancing and dances were forbidden at the heights of the moral fervour. The worst thing an unmarried woman or girl could do, was to become pregnant, even through abuse, rape and no fault of her own. No matter if she was completely unaware of what was happening to her, as was veryโ€ฆ

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I’ve just finished making my own sauerkraut. It was fermented for just over 2 weeks. Actually some is still going. The longer you leave it (making sure there is no oxygen getting to it) the more probiotics it will have … Continue reading