foraging Blewits

*advice* As you might know I am a novice mushroom forager, and am very thorough (as you have to be; novice or not). Please read through the posts on mushroom foraging and do not take advice from this site on … Continue reading

making a wreath

I hadn’t ever gotten around to giving this a go, and I always wanted to, but I thought you needed to have a lovely garden with hazel or willow. You can make a wreath with dogwood, any flexible branch of … Continue reading


So this year I had my very first medlars, from 2 medlar trees in the garden. Medlar trees are really very beautiful with a pleasing angular shape to the trees; very pretty leaves just turning a golden yellow aganst almost … Continue reading

Irelands mother and baby homes, 800 dead babies, and us

Occasionally I have made a reference to my mother, my grandmother and there is a bit in my bio, referencing this. I decided to dedicate a blog post to it


The people of Tuam and all of the towns in Ireland where there were Magdalene laundries and mother & baby homes, knew about them.

They loomed large, hidden in plain sight.

A deliberate unspoken threat. The consequence if you didn’t behave as expected.Ireland had a complete system and architecture of containment to do deal with transgressors. The biggest sin or perhaps it might be more accurate to think of it as a crime, was illegitimacy.

In forging a new identity for itself post revolution Ireland heavily promoted and insisted on religious purity, specifically the purity of Irish women. Dancing and dances were forbidden at the heights of the moral fervour. The worst thing an unmarried woman or girl could do, was to become pregnant, even through abuse, rape and no fault of her own. No matter if she was completely unaware of what was happening to her, as was very…

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I’ve just finished making my own sauerkraut. It was fermented for just over 2 weeks. Actually some is still going. The longer you leave it (making sure there is no oxygen getting to it) the more probiotics it will have … Continue reading

Wine updates :-)

Im quite excited by and pleased with the results! This is just after the sugar went in to the blackberry one. It fizzed away quite dramatically very shortly after this was taken. You might like to put it on a … Continue reading

Japanese quince (chaenomeles) karinshu, wild boozy tart and game.

Well that’s the most exciting title Ive written to date I think. Sounds like fun. I’ve had a number of discussions about these very recently, so have decided to write up a blog post and share some recipes. For the … Continue reading

Happy Samhain!

You will all undoubtedly be aware of the commerciality of halloween, the ghoulish plastic ‘scarefest’ that will likely go on to pollute the earth in a genuinely scary way. Halloween bares little resemblance to the original ancient festival of Samhain … Continue reading

Foraging Shaggy ink caps and recipe

We found shaggy ink caps today These are very common and you will have seen them before, luckily there are no identical lookalikes to be confused with. These specimens are quite small as people seem to enjoy kicking over the … Continue reading

Making new floors

One of the great many benefits of permaculure is that it saves you a lot of money along with the number one consideration of saving the planet. Which is particularly good when you dont have any money.  Necessity is the … Continue reading