Mother, lover, occasional fighter, sometime teacher; growing roots and finding balance. Writing about and photographing wild food and pollinators, permaculture, and living a more connected, and natural life. Technology teacher of 14 years, now working very occasional supply only, and enjoying my own children; one two year old, and one 12 yr old. Lifetime learner. Political as necessary,  my family tree was disrupted and broken irreparably by a religious forced adoption. I am working with my mother and I coordinate, with others, an advocacy group to seek justice and to demand hidden and closed files from the Irish state and catholic church. More of this can be found on my twitter and fb and our story is here https://justiceforirishmbhomes.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/irelands-mother-and-baby-homes-800-dead-babies-and-us/ . This blog is dedicated to recipe sharing as a part of a natural and sustainable way of life, and will encompass my learning and growing as a part of that. I am hoping to build a useful resource to share and inspire and to find likewise. Please feel free to comment on posts, I like to chat and I’m not scared of debate, or to learn 🙂



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