Backyard hens

Just over 2 weeks ago we got our first hens, a lohman brown and a hybrid silkie. They had to stay in the run for a few days to get their bearings


“So what do you reckon our Lola?”


“Well it’s different innit?”

We decided to keep hens because we want our children to have closer connection to animals to learn a little bit about looking after them well, and most importantly that they some sense of connection to their food, where it has come from and how it got to be on their plate. I want my children to be aware of some of the consequences of a consumer driven society but I first want them to be armed by and empowered by knowing the alternatives.


Dinosaur egg?! (well kinda..)

We put our first egg into a tesco value egg box I’d obtained and kept for this purpose. We discussed how much larger it was and wonderd if all Lola’s eggs could possibly this big? I pointed out to my eldest that the Tesco carton said ‘value’ on and he immediately quipped that our eggs would be much better value!  🙂 -Score for mum. My eldest is taken with the hens and enjoys their company in the same was as I do, they are very pleasurable, soothing almost to be around. The youngest finds them  great source amusement.


and plotted breakouts..

P1050914Then finally after a few days they came out for nosey around

They like the wild bird seed.

Lola particularly, scratches at these logs looking for little insects or slugs

P1060196They dont like the wind much, and it has been windy! I think they prefer the sun and dustbath


They especially like it when you talk to them. I hear that you can work out their language and really it did not take us long at all to understand them, it was pretty immediate I think.

“how do you look at a chicken and know its thirsty?”  “you just do.. ” went some of our conversations

This week after getting to know them and getting to stroke them, and be pestered by them haha.

I’ve finally settled on Lola and Candy as names. As I’ve called them here.

I know their sounds now, they are quite vocal and they came into lay in the second week (the beginning of April) Lola is the lohman brown. She will follow me round now for a stroke

Candy is far more independent; a lady of her own desires 😉


2 thoughts on “Backyard hens

  1. Hi Fiona
    Just to let you how truly proud of you I am.
    Ive watched you take the blows of life with rewards of life. You are the essence of love and you share that love here.


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