So this year I had my very first medlars, from 2 medlar trees in the garden. Medlar trees are really very beautiful with a pleasing angular shape to the trees; very pretty leaves just turning a golden yellow aganst almost black wood in late November and during spring beautiful white flowers that hopefully become some useful fruit.




As with everything Ive grown for the first time this year, I’ve really enjoyed watching them grown and photographing them 🙂


You can pick them Oct/Nov and leave them in a cood dry dark spot to ‘blet’ a traditional process of leaving to soften and sweeten

or you can leave them on the tree into November just after the first frosts when they are softening, you might think they are past their best, but this is when medlars are edible

mellowed, softened, rich and fruity


I love that hahaa


Shakespeare had some interesting words to offer us about the medlar, as you might imagine..

“Oh, that she were An open arse, and thou a poperin pear.” -pretty typical Shakespeare tbh.


you migfht see inspiration though


I chose to leave mine on the tree. Im a busy person and the easier the better. I kept an close eye on them. It’s a riskier strategy you dont want to lose them, or miss them fall and start to rot or be eaten by wildlife on the ground


You can just scoop the flesh out, look out for the little stones.

Medlars make great jelly I didnt have enough yet, so I’m saving that blog for the future 🙂

You can use them raw and eat it as it is, cook it and use it as you would pear or apple.

I found they had the flavour and texture of baked apple


I used the small amount I had in a salad with walnut and blue cheese. I had rosehip infused oil so drizzled some over

I enjoyed my salad with a rosehip vodka. Delish!



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