making a wreath

I hadn’t ever gotten around to giving this a go, and I always wanted to, but I thought you needed to have a lovely garden with hazel or willow. You can make a wreath with dogwood, any flexible branch of length I used some from my now quite large and getting unruly forsythia.

P1030727 P1030726 P1030720

It was dark when my youngest was settled in bed and I had time spare on an evening to do this, and very cold. You can see my breath and a few leaves were still on the cherry tress, the last have now gone.

I began by sorting them into lengths, just quickly the longest in a pile and the shotest in a pile

Using the longest first I simply wrapped it round entwining to form a circle

I added each new length as shown below and trimmed the ends


Continuing to turn the circle slightly, adding and trimming lengths, I created a shape like this


You can use this again and again each year as your base, just added fresh foliage

Holy, ivy, larch and other evergreens

many of our trees have significance for ancient traditions, particularly the evergreens at this time of year.

A tradition staying after the Christian and corporate hijackings, for many it symbolises ‘real christmas’.


I am making another that will use larch and holly, to stay inside, that is in progess and I will update 🙂 I didn’t want to start it too early

We foraged pine cones and I loved the ‘cedar roses’ we found

This is one with a Blewit we foraged too 🙂


This wreath I covered in upcycled scraps of fabric from a worn out patchwork cushion cover

I used a broken cup to decorate (could be a hanger too) and pieces of scrap fabric as ribbons



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