Wine updates :-)

Im quite excited by and pleased with the results!

This is just after the sugar went in to the blackberry one. It fizzed away quite dramatically very shortly after this was taken.

You might like to put it on a tea towel incase it fizzes over


I topped the rosehip up with warm water and left it another 2 weeks -nothing happened.

After bubbling away dramatically in the feremnter for around 10 days and little action over several weeks in the demi-john it was bottled.


It tastes good and and I read it should only get better I aim to celebrate my 40th birthday with a bottle in December.


I put the blackberry and pear one in the window today for the heat after topping up with water, seems it is not far off now either! will taste and maybe rack to see if it gets going again


chili plants still  flowering! I had to share as it’sa pretty photograph I think 🙂

The recipes are here:


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