magical light and making candles

It is diwali tonight as I type this, this is one of my favourite light festivals 🙂 The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

It has many simialrities with the original and sacred ways to celebrate the celtic festival of Samhain which shortly follows.

As the sunlight begins to fade from the earth I become reflective in preperation for the winter and the lack of light ahead.

These 3 pictures are from The Independent’s website of Diwali today

Diwali festival

Diwali festival

Diwali festival

I have been making candles from leftover old burnt out ones, a favourite way to recycle.

I am burning one now in honour of Diwali

and saving one for Samhain.


I removed the leftover wax into an old pan that wasn’t much good for anything which went into another larger pan filled with boiled water on a low heat, to make a double boiler.

P1010376 P1010379

I turned the heat off when the wax had nearly all melted.

P1010383 P1010386

I used two old cups that I havent used for anything or even looked it an around 13 years! (shh!)

I was cleaning the cupboard and wondering wether to give them to a charity shop when I thought how nice a candle would look on the mirrored saucers and so I decided to make the cups into little candles.

Place the wick in the little metal holder and put into the bottom of your candle

It is a good idea to tie it to a chopstick or paintbrush.


Fill your cups or re-used holders with the melted wax and leave to set.

P1010387 P1010390

Et voila!


Happy Diwali!


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