How to make lip balms

I notice my lips feeling a bit drier lately; the weather is turning and becoming much cooler. I searched for an old balm, and couldnt find it.

I didnt want to buy a new one,  you might have read in the ‘infused’ oils part of this blog about how and why I intend to avoid buying anything with palm oil which may be labelled somewhat erroneously as ‘vegetable oil’.


Home made lip balms

 Home made lip balms using tins I had previously bought herbs in a very long time ago, no need to buy them fresh or dry now I grow them!

I was saving them for a good use as they are pretty (probably why I bought them)

Making lip balm is pretty straightforward, and fun

you will need;

Candelilla wax


Candelilla wax is suitable for vegans, ethical and sustainably harvested under strict guidelines -this is the choice for ethical producers such as ‘Lush’ (or you could opt for local and sustainable beeswax. I urge you to do some research about the decline in bee populations, a great film to watch is ‘more than honey’)

Shea butter (sustainable fair trade)

I used a calendula cream I had already made in my first lip balm it worked beautifully but I cant reccomend using anything other than shea butter, my own creams contain some water which means it has to be a lot used faster and it should also be stored in the fridge really!) You do need to excercise a certain amount of caution and common sense because it’s going on your lips (I say that because I have read some odd things)

Simpler combinations are safer as sometimes combining active ingredients can change the properties.

Carrier oil (check it states cold pressed)


You could add any essential oils or extracts you use regularly and prefer. I use my own oils already infused with calendula chamomile, viola, lavender, rosepetals or rosehips 🙂

Note: I bought almond oil in a small quantity and have nearly used it all, as I have seen ‘more than honey’ I dont know if I will buy it again, it is food for thought. I wont use olive oils as these seem to have a greasy flavour and smell which is offputting, they can also be quite green. You need something stable, local and organic. I would love to have a go at making my own beech mast oil and am on the look out for a press!


The basic recipe I use is

20% wax

30% shea butter

50% oil

I gauge these by eye as there is room for a little adjustment, I used a tablespoon full of oil and judged from there it made enough to fill 2 of my little tins 🙂

this might give you an idea as to the amounts you might need, and amount of tins, if you’re making more.

I made a bain marie with a small pan of water and a jug on a low heat which I turn off when it gets going, Im very aware of very flammable products.


Melt the wax, add the oil

Add the butter, if you haven’t already, turn the heat off for the last bit.

pour into your containers -the jug makes this easier and safer 🙂

P1010227 P1010234

Add your little dried flowers for decoration (and flavour)


cool and wrap up as gifts or store until use.

DSC_1087 DSC_1088

These ones are calendula oil with some little dried ptals and flowers from the garden added.

Different oils effect the end result, the texture, how well it absorbs, the flavour and the colour.

The same oil infused with different colours does this too my personal favourite so far is the one infused with chamomile and viola (I had this infusing for weeks) it has a lovely sweet gentle flavour and smell. It is a little reminder of lovely summer days in the garden with my baby.

DSCF2369 DSCF1645DSCF1617

Keeps my lips soft for showering him in kisses ❤

Chamomile and viola are both good for soothing dry sore cracked skin and I intend to make a little cream for dry skin patches (which I read is great for eczma with it)


NB: If you use shea butter (not home made body butter as I mentioned earlier it will last for over a year)


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