Homemade salt scrub

Another thing I notice as the weather turns colder, and the daylight ebs away is that my skin becomes much drier, and I like to take care of it with a salt scrub every now and then. I have very sensitive skin.

Very easy to do yourself and doesn’t cost the earth (like palm oil)

I use sea salt.

Maldon sea salt pyramids

Maldon salt crystals From the lovely ‘justinsomnia’ blog

Unrefined salt is in many ways much better for your health so I tend to only buy this, in fact it may be pretty scandalous how underated it is.

It is nothing like your refined salt manufactured largely for industry and added to our bought food products.

We have many well known sea salt producers right here and you will easily find something much more local than dead sea salt

You need aboout half a cup of your chosen carrier oil and a cup of seasalt


Sea salt scrub and honeysuckle moisturiser for hands and feet.

The salt will scrub away dead layers of skin and the oil moisturises.

I added some dried lemon balm to mine

Store in the fridge



Lemon balm from the garden


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