Elderberry tincture

Elderberry tincture

Its so easy to make the most of natures abundance and to learn from her. Get outside.

This is just a quick reminder if you were thinking of using elderberries, its so easy! You need to discard as much of the stem as possible and just use the berries. Remember to leave some onthe bushes for the birds and take a pair of scissors so you dont have to tug at and snap at branches. I usually have a bag on my wrist and do a ‘snip and drop’ action haha 🙂 less mess as the berries can stain and a lot easier.

You need wash them either before or after they are removed from the stems and crush them lightly with a masher.

Fill a jar with your crushed berries leaving an inch or two from the top.

Cover the berries with a spirit of your choice and fill to the top.

Leave in a darkened spot preferably for aprox 6 weeks then strain and bottle or can (which means putting in a sterilised jar)

It will ast for a year or two. Easy.


You can use any jar you save, to sterilse just wash it with hot soapy water, rinse and dry in the oven on the lowest temperature setting. I like to use brandy as having raised my voice in classrooms for years I find it soothes my throat and voice when I have a cold. I will probably use this myself more than syrup -though that is great for children and has culinary uses, tincture will have culinary uses too -you can always add a bit of honey 😉


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